glass snuff plate kit

Everything You Need to Know About Snuff Snorting Plate Kit

What is A Snuff Plate/Tray?

You may often sniff snuff or lines on your dinner plate, or on the table, or even on your phone screen. But you know that there is some professional snuff equipment out there. That is the snuff plate/tray.

  A snuff plate/tray is a snorting kit made for snuff/powder. And It works very well and gives you a better experience.

Glass Snuff Plate Kit will give you a better experience than a coke spoon or coke bullet

Will the glass snuff plate improve my sniff experience?

  Yes, because this glass snuff plate is made from lead-free glass and is physically toughened. That means that you won't get any other weird smells when you snort on the glass snuff plate. And the glass is free of lead and any heavy metals. That means that there are no heavy metals to harm your body. If your snuff is good, just try to take a snuff tray home and it will give you the ultimate 1+1>2 experience!

What is the difference between a snuff plate and a coke mirror?

  A snuff tray is made specifically for powder, whereas a coke mirror is not. And every edge of a snuff plate is polished to ensure that you get a good experience in use. And snuff plate is physically tempered, whereas snuff mirrors are not. This means you can't do a hot plate use the coke mirror.
Best of all, one side of the glass snuff plate has four beautiful grooves of the same size. The grooves are deep enough that you can use the carbon fiber card included in the kit to distribute your powder evenly into each groove.

What if I prefer to do lines by myself?

   Don't worry, this glass coke plate is double-sided, with grooves on one side and not on the other. This means you can make the lines you like on the other side, thin or thick, as you like.

Hot Plating?

  Hell Yeah!! High-temperature resistance is also necessary. If your snuff or powder is too moist then you might want to try hot plating. This glass dish is designed to withstand the temperature of a butane
torch lighter. This means that you can heat it up as much as you need to.

Where I can get a glass snuff/cocain plate?

  Please check on our glass snorting kit to get a snuff plate for yourself or your friends. We offer fast and discreet shipping. The most important thing is our service, if your snuff plate is broken in any way within one year of receiving, contact us and we can send you a new one!

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