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What is a Snuff Kit and 7 Steps Easy to Use It

What is A Snuff Kit

Cocain kits are also sometimes called coke kits, snorting kits, sniffing kits, or snuff kits. A traditional snuff kit contains all the supplies needed to snort snuff/coke. It typically includes a straw or rolled-up bill, a razor blade, and a small mirror. Some kits also include other items such as a mini vacuum cleaner.

But the cheap little mirrors, the razors that will rust, the bills that may have been touched many times by others, Are they really your best choice for skiing?

No, they are not! Whether it's a metal razor or bill that has been used many times, all of these may make your skiing experience worse.

Today, there are some professional and unique snuff kit equipment for coke. They come in a variety of materials and styles, carbon fiber, glass, etc. And they are of high quality and will make your skiing experience better.

And they are simple to use. Let me show you how to use a glass snuff snorting kit.

  1. Put your coke/snuff in the glass tray.
  2. Cut it using a carbon fiber card.
  3. Use the carbon fiber card to push the powder on the grooves of the glass tray.
  4. There you go. You will get 4 beautiful lines.
  5. Lean over the glass tray and snort the powder through the snuff tube.
  6. Clean up your kit and keep it for the next skiing.
  7. If you like to cut your own lines, you can use the other side of the glass plate.

Why do people heat up the plate for coke, is it necessary?

In general, It is not necessary to heat up the plate for coke.
However, some people find that doing so helps to intensify the effects of the powder. And some guys get coke that is not pure and they wash it and increase its purity. They may heat the coke when the wash is done.

How long to heat up a plate for coke?

It is important to be careful when heating up a plate for coke, as it can be easy to overheat and damage the powder. And if you are going to heat up a plate for coke, it is recommended that you do so for no more than 10 seconds. Any longer than that and you risk damaging the coke. By the way, our glass plate are heatable.

How to get coke residue off the plate?

It's easy to get coke residue off of a plate. Just rinse it off with water. Cuz the grooves of the glass plate are smooth that won't leave a powder residue. And the carbon fiber card and snuff tube are smooth, too.

Where I can buy a snuff kit?

Check it here:

Glass Snorting Kitsnorting kit

Carbon Fiber Snuff Kit


Why you shouldn't use a razor to cut coke?

Razor blades can be dangerous to use when cutting coke. They are sharp and can easily cut your skin. Additionally, they can also contaminate the cocaine with bacteria, which can lead to infection. our carbon fiber snuff card is a safer option for cutting coke.

Why you should use a glass plate to do coke?

Glass plates are a good option for snorting coke because they are easy to clean and don't absorb the cocaine. Additionally, glass plates can be heated up, which can help to intensify the effects of the drug. You will get more bang for your buck and won't have to worry about contamination.

What is the difference between a glass snuff tray and a carbon fiber snuff tray?

A glass snuff tray is a plate made out of glass. A carbon fiber snuff tray is a plate made out of carbon fiber.

Both types of plates are used for snorting coke/snuff. But the carbon fiber tray is lighter.

And The main difference between the two types of plates is that a glass snuff tray can be heated up, while a carbon fiber snuff tray cannot. This means that you may get a stronger effect from snorting cocaine off of a glass plate. Additionally, carbon fiber plates are more durable than glass plates and won't break as easily.

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