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Glass Snuff Plate Snorting Kit

Glass Snuff Plate Snorting Kit

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  • Introducing our Glass Snuff Snorting Kit - a versatile and meticulously crafted accessory designed for optimal snuff/coke enjoyment.
  • This dual-sided glass kit features four laser-engraved grooves on one side, ensuring a smooth and perfect snorting experience. The deep and precisely sized grooves provide just the right amount of powder. On the other side, you have the freedom to personalize your coke lines.
  • Unlike metal razors, our Carbon Fiber Card offers superior benefits. It is rust-resistant, ensuring the purity of your powder and avoiding any unpleasant odors.
  • Upgrade your snuff experience with our Glass Snuff Snorting Kit. Elevate your snuff enjoyment to new heights with this thoughtfully designed coke accessory.


  • High-quality glass tray, expertly crafted with ultra-clear tempered glass for exceptional durability. Elevate your snuff experience with this premium kit, designed to stand the test of time.
  • Superior strength and longevity of the card, made from 3K twill carbon fiber. Its sleek design and resilient material make it the ideal companion for your snuff enjoyment.
  • Complete your set with our coke straw, crafted from prime metal for reliable and effortless snuff intake.


  • The Glass Snuff Tray is sized at 6 * 4.5 inches, making it convenient and compact.
  • It is designed for easy usability and effortless cleaning.

Package Includes:

  • 1 * Glass Snuff Plate
  • 1 * Carbon Fiber Card
  • 2 * Metal Snuff Straw

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